A Member of Christ’s Body Needs Our Help

Friends and Family, A very close friend of mine whose family I’ve known intimately for years has been visited with a trial concerning their youngest child, Dryden. Please consider doing anything you can to help this cause, and please read the description in the below GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-and-prayers-for-dryden?utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer

A Member of Christ’s Body Needs Our Help

A crisis of identity

The one characteristic that is so devious about a change in ideology is subtlety. To not notice that a seated shepherd is not merely contradicting truth, but falsely and arrogantly promoting manifest heresy, is devious, diabolical, troublesome. When one refuses to confront an evil act, or ideology, and does not attack it, rather tolerates it. This is the same as promoting. What is commonplace today, would not have been tolerated 100 years ago. We hold up as virtue toleration of even the most heinous of sins. We have deified the individual and defied God. We uplift ourselves as saviors and denigrate the One True Saviour. We have redefined love. To love another as true disciples we must counter error. True love promotes righteous anger, indignation. Not towards the individual, but towards errant behavior.

If they asked me, I could write a book…

If I could encapsulate the transformations that have taken place in my life over the course of the last several years, I would not be able to describe, sufficiently how my temperament has changed, especially with regards to my moral stance and choices. I see, in hindsight that the biases taught as fact in schools at the time I was undergoing the process of ‘education’ skewed my views in a particular direction. This happens to all children of a particular age, undoubtedly. Bit when it comes to the question of truth, and really when Pontius Pilate and our Lord were discussing that topic, no one may fully comprehend the myriad of complexities involved in that all too short discourse. The fact remains, it is our duty to not merely discover, but define and defend that Truth with all the unction we can muster. In the political and social realm, many would have us believe that all truth, and truths are completely subjective. That simply cannot be. For that places the individual above the truth, and in the process completely obliterates the truth, and our inherent need for it. Yes, indeed many truths are subjective to the individual situations, circumstances, but unless we enter into a complete and chaotic abyss, there must be an objective and absolute truth. Over the course of the many thousands 0f years we humans have pondered this question there have been many attempts to define what, exactly is truth. On the opposite end of that spectrum there have been even more attempts to attack, eradicate and obliterate those very definitions. I speak of but one example. St. Augustine of Hippo succinctly defined the truth as ‘what is actual’. A clear, concise and easy to remember definition. Yet, with all that the truth encompasses, of the natural and supernatural realm, we cannot sufficiently define what we can scarcely comprehend. This leaves us with the unsatisfactory, yet fascinating conclusion that we have to leave to the realm of mystery and unsettled arguments to our successors. Yet, we cannot and ought not to leave it at that. We are intended to explore and discover and never settle for anything but the ultimate discovery. We must continue to seek answers. If we stop pondering, it is nothing short of brain death. I am happy that I will never be too old to learn, for even at that moment of my last breath, I may finally learn the answer to that question that has plagued philosopher and poet and songwriter endlessly. What is truth?

It was the worst of times

On a daily basis I am living in a state of perpetual shock. This shelter in place forced upon us is
unlawful, unconstitutional and unethical. Our right to assemble is not a right which can be
provoked. Our rights, at their very root are not granted to us by our government and as such
they are not at leisure to revoke such rights. Every bar and restaurant owner, every church and
baseball team owner is fully within their rights to sue their respective states for unlawful loss of
revenue. I hope every state is sued to bankruptcy. We are being lied to and misled by the
The W.H.O. and C.D.C. are no more than guessing when they throw out such alarming mortality
rates. They do not know what that rate is because they have not calculated it correctly. For
Governor Cuomo to say that if one life is saved by these alleged precautions is absurd rhetoric
of a dangerous demagogue. This is Totalitarianarism on a scale not seen in this country’s
history. This is disturbing. It is nothing more than exploitation of paranoia. There is no
justification for this thinly veiled martial law. And the fact that no one is protesting this ‘new
normal’ is more frightening than the actions unlawfully perpetrated. I cannot fathom what the
end game is by those who are in positions to govern. Any one who believes this is acceptable is
not fit to govern. The devastating consequences are not even being discussed in the public
platform. This is heinous and ominous. Every citizen ought to demand the resignation and arrest
of every Governor and Attorney General responsible for this massive hoax.